Todays Episode: Lin's Orgasm in Public
Lin had just started to work in the bar. She was forced to do many demeaning things, she was only allowed to wear a small string bikini stockings and very high heeled shoes. Her breasts were bear but her nipples had a small round sticker on them saying 'Lick Me!'. When she sat with a customer, the mamasan had told her she must sit with her legs apart and allow the customer to finger her pussy or wahtever he wanted to do. One man did not even talk to her when she sat down. He just started to play with her as though she was a piece of meat. The strange thing was, she started to cum as the man played her pussy. What had she become! Her own body was giving in to the pleasure, the orgasm made her shudder. Then the man pulled his finger and told her to lick it clean. She obayed the man then motioned the mamasan over. He said 'I'll have this one tonight' and so began Lin's slide into the seedy underworld of bothel sex slave prostitution... see the vid.

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