Asian Sweety
Asian Sex Thumbnail Preview

After hangin’ around getting bored for some time a few days ago, the boys were just about to give up until they seen a leggy, yet short, girl strolling on by. Not being one to let any chance slip by, Mr Naughty RAN after her into a shop just to see what this cat was all about and apparently, the bloke driving the Honda Civic can’t park worth a shit and fucked up the camera’s focus but he eventually talked her into coming to the TukTuk after reassuring the shop’s bouncer she was ok to go with him and paying for her drink.

At any rate, she’s a lovely and chubby little Thai with meat in all the right places, sporting a lovely smile and eager to get to know this foreign bloke a bit better. In Thailand, that’s really all a guy needs to work on as we’ll soon see. She hopped right in not knowing they were off to the hotel but on the way, she was casually filled in and seemed agreeable to such.

Once back at a more comfortable place, we really get to enjoy this Thai girls chubby body. She’s not fat, but soft all over. Her perky baby-phat tits and erect nipples are just delicious! Even the way her hips, pussy mound and tummy are gentle and supple as she rubs herself all over is enough to make a guy want to ram into her dick-first and thrust whatever it touches first. So soft and sexy!

I won’t spoil all the action for you guys so you’re just going to have to watch the full video to witness her pussy-exploration, pussy-munching, head-getting and watching those soft phat little boobies bounce and jiggle all the way to market as Mr Naughty uses this fuck-puppet to her fullest extent! I will say that he does end things off with a nice cum explosion across those delicious tits, though… and my fav part right there!

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!


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